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About N200

Since 1992, N200|GES has grown steadily to become Europe’s leading event registration, ticketing and data intelligence company. Today, 1000+ exhibitions across the globe use our software and services to collect, understand and monetise their data.

No matter what region, language or currency, N200|GES enables event organisers to deliver targeted, personalised visitor promotion campaigns that really work. Audiences are engaged, their attendance assured. With N200|GES, your events can go viral, enabling you to grow your audience and extend the reach of your brand beyond the show floor. With N200|GES, your exhibitors are empowered to do so much more than simply capture prospect  data. Now, they can truly manage their sales and drive their RoI from your events. And with N200|GES you can mine your data intelligence to prove the value of your events and ensure that your brand remains at the heart of the community it serves.

N200|GES has offices in the UK, Netherlands and Dubai and a network of accredited partners across the globe. Together, we promise you cutting-edge software solutions that really work. So why not give us a call? We offer a fully managed service or empower you to take control. Or a combination that suits you - the choice is yours!
N200|GES Visit software is used in over 40 countries around the world...and growing

“ We are delighted with its ease of use and the level of control it provides. We can fully customise all aspects of the registration process for each show ”


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EN Elite 2015 Winner
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