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What type of events can N200 Visit be used for?

Our software solutions can be utilised for any type of event of any size, regardless of location. We offer a menu of  modules, enabling you to create a registration solution that suits your event portfolio. With N200, you can centrally manage your data and visitor promotion campaigns and deliver a consistent visitor experience in any language. You can also process payments in any currency and, with our advanced e-commerce module, you can offer unlimited combinations of packages for sale to your visitors &/or delegates.

How does N200 Visit work?

N200 Visit is a web based, enterprise-wide application which enables event organisers to interact with their visitors and exhibitors and them with each other. The system optimises the data capture process to deliver campaign ready data. Whether it is being used for registration or ticketing, N200 Visit will enable you to personalise the experience for your participants and, by utilising our go viral tools, will ensure your audiences grow.

On site, our system is plug and play. Simply boot the PC or laptop from the dongle provided and then choose the desired setting – SelfReg, Scan & Go, Manned Reg, Access Control – to deliver a welcome experience you can be proud of.

How does N200 enable me to grow my attendance?

Our Visit solution is fully integrated with social media platforms, enabling registrants to register quickly and easily via their profile. And, once registered, event organisers can access this personal data to tailor their offering to the needs and interests of the individual.

Further, N200 enables individual exhibitors to host a copy of the registration form and personally invite their customers. And they can access this data to arrange meetings, guaranteeing higher attendance as a result. Increasingly, organisers are incentivising their exhibitors, rewarding those that deliver the most visitors. In fact, in most cases, exhibitors deliver more visitors than the event’s visitor promotion campaign!   

Take Control or Managed Service?

N200 has simplified the complex world of registration. Anyone can do it!

So, if you want greater control, then licence our award-winning Visit software and in-source your registration, ticketing, data & campaign management functions. Or you can rely on us, end to end. We have a team of experts ready to assist, anywhere in the world.

With N200, you always have a choice, never a compromise.

How can I manage my data and marketing campaigns?

 The Visit platform enables event organisers to manage, and mine, their data centrally. With N200, you can access, administer and analyse your data at any time, from anywhere in the world. Via our Service Centre, records can be added, edited, enhanced, vetted, suppressed – all at the click of a button. User access settings can be self-administered to empower those that need to can run reports and extract data files. And by utilising the e-marketing modules, complete with full html design tools, you can create, and measure, personalised campaigns that drive pre-registration and conversion rates

How does N200 deliver on a global scale?

N200 has a network of certified partners to ensure clients have access to well-trained local suppliers who can support all hardware and systems during events. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are plug & play and can be administered over the web, negating the need for highly skilled expertise to attend on site. 55% of our clients do everything themselves, including delivery of the welcome experience on the day!

How can exhibitors access their sales leads?

Visit Connect is our revolutionary lead management platform which has transformed lead retrieval services. Where once it was just about exhibitors scanning barcodes on badges, now it is about helping the exhibitor drive maximum value through the entire sales process. Where once they had to wait until post-event for their leads, now exhibitors can access prospect data while they are talking to attendees on their stand, in real-time.  Sales leads can be verified, rated, prioritised and assigned to colleagues, anywhere in the world, from the show floor. Visit Connect empowers the exhibitor to plan, target, monitor and measure their RoI success, ensuring that they return to the show, year after year.

Can visitors register via mobile phones or tablets?

Yes! N200 prides itself on its ability to deliver cutting edge user interfaces. All of its forms are responsive: that is, they are, designed to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices from tablets to mobile phones  

What is unique about N200?

N200 is so much more than a registration company or ticketing bureau. We help you and all your event participants achieve success through data. Our simple-to-use online tools give you unparalleled power to analyse and monetize your event data, across your organisation. But N200 goes way beyond online software. We understand that the success of your event is what happens live. N200 provide all the tools you need to ensure that first impressions last. We can even come and take all this off your hands and run it for you if you prefer. How many other companies can promise all that? So, if you seek to place your data at the heart of your business, if you are determined to transform this data into intelligence – then N200 is your perfect partner.

I want to process visitor payments. Can N200 handle this for me?

N200 Visit can be used on all types of events – consumer shows, trade fairs, conferences, corporate gatherings…. Where payments are required, Visit offers full e-commerce functionality enabling you to offer unlimited shops, products and items and create different prices based on vouchers redeemed, codes quoted or ‘early bird’ promotions. Codes can be single use, multiple use or set to expire once certain criteria are met. You can even manage capacities and demand via our stock control tools. On arrival, visitors can be validated via our Access Control system (which auto-queries each ticket or badge, in real time), giving you the control you need to ensure revenues are not lost at any stage of the process.

I’ve already got my event website set up. How do I integrate registration pages into this?

Easy! Simply link our forms to your Register Now prompts and you are ‘live’. Our forms can be designed to mirror your event brand – you can even nest them in an i-frame on your site. Web tracking and analytics can be active on all of our forms, enabling you to measure and improve your registration process. And you can also feed registrant data into your web site and native apps, in real time, creating personalised visit plans for each of your registrants and ensuring the relevance of your event is apparent and accessible to your customers, on demand!

I have other systems already set up for collecting and handling data. Can I connect these up to N200 Visit?

N200 offers an API (application programming interface) to enable automatic, 2 way real-time feeds with other systems, as required. Many of our clients have utilised our API to enhance the customer experience they deliver and ensure that their data is accessible on demand to those that need it. For example, Amsterdam RAI has implemented a real time feed to/from Visit to their data warehouse; to their event web sites; to their hotel and travel booking bureaux; to their e-marketing tools… By placing their registration data at the heart of their campaign infrastructure, they ensure that the customer experience they deliver is both timely and personalised.

What languages does N200 Visit support?

N200 Visit can be easily deployed anywhere in the world, and works with all European languages and many more. For events with an international flavour, N200 Visit can offer multi lingual choices, enabling registrants to interact with the system in their preferred language. This approach ensures the data collected is both accurate and legible. Further, the address fields are dynamic and auto-configure upon capture of the registrants country of residence. The resultant data is compatible with international mailing and e-mailing conventions.