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“N200 are breaking ground when it comes to smart solutions for registration. Clearly by grouping events with one provider we’re able to maximise quality of service while ensuring our costs are spread out.”
Will Broadfoot, Brintex


"We use the complete range of N200 products for all our events. Usability, quick handling and thoroughness is what makes the system attractive to us. The N200 software is a vital source of information for all our marketing campaigns, and it really supports us in achieving our targets. It totally fits all our needs and demands; and we are always on top of the latest developments on their systems, tools and apps. The people of N200 are regular seen guests in our offices. Due to their clear and concise training, we are always ready to fire away after their visit.”


“The Visit application is of great value to our organisation. The central platform offers support in terms of branding and marketing and simplifies operations for our trade fairs. With Visit, we can adapt registration and communication to any situation – a much-needed trait for a vast organisation such as Ahoy”.
Gert-Jan van den Nieuwenhof, General Manager B to B, AHOY Rotterdam

D-Link (Europe) Ltd

“The functionality of Visit Connect allows us to set questions and pre-assigned answers in order to make lead retrieval at our events efficient and consistent. The portal at the backend allows us to link shows and share questions across events as well as take an overview of our return on investment.  For example we took over 1000 leads from Bett in January 2014, accessed the leads on site at the show and were able to reassign follow up immediately.  I would not be without Visit Connect as an exhibitor”
Annie, Sales & Marketing Administrator, D-Link (Europe) Ltd

UBM Live

“We used N200 for the pre-reg and the onsite registration and their onsite service was exceptional. We could sync and view visitor statistics at any point during the show, analyse our conversions rates, track how many exhibitors had collected badges and therefore assess the software/ hostess requirements for the next days, track peak registration times, lengthen/ shorten online registration for new visitors to help manage queues. Their software was exceptional…(they) provided a great service to take the pressure off the marketing team”.
Georgina Smith, Marketing Director, Global Food Portfolio, UBM Live

Ascential Events

“Ascential Events has some ambitious growth plans. We needed a registration partner with a vision to match and the capability to deliver products that would support us as our portfolio of events expanded. We chose N200 because its products hand to Ascential greater control over its registration processes and the data that is so important to our business’s success. N200’s investment in technology also means that Ascential has strong visibility of attendee numbers and activity, both onsite and after the event.”
Joe Bolger, Head of Insight, Ascential Events

EcoTechnology Show

“In terms of why we chose N200 it was actually because of the many different applications that you have within your system. It is the DIY nature of your system that makes those added apps affordable allowing smaller companies to take advantage of the marketing tools normally only accessible to the large Exhibition companies.”
Nicola Gunstone, EcoTechnology Show


Bett is a 4 day show and, as such, it’s important to be able to review each day and adjust strategy for the next. The intelligence gathered from the Visit Connect apps made lead retrieval extremely easy at the show and allowed us to update our CRM system for follow up during the event. I would recommend Visit Connect.
Ella, Project Manager, International Marketing, Promethean

Organisatie Groep Zuid

”We chose N200 because they are a professional player with heaps of experience. N200 Visit is uncomplicated, user-friendly and a serious added value for our exhibitors. Moreover, the central database and its integrated features allow us to get the most out of our data.“
Organisatie Groep Zuid