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Case Study Electronic Theatre Controls

The Challenge

Electronic Theatre Controls wanted to increase pre-event engagement, real-time lead response and a personal approach to their clients and prospects.

This was achieved through using N200|GES's Visit Partner and Visit Connect lead generation software.

Increased Engagement

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) exhibit across Europe at a number of key events in the lighting and rigging sectors. N200|GES work together with the team for PLASA London, PLASA Focus and ABTT.

Having attended Matt Coyne’s session on “Turning Data into Gold” at FaceTime’s inaugural Masterclass, the team at Electronic Theatre Controls were keen to look at how they could further enhance their experience at their events, in particular for their next event PLASA London.

57% of sales have taken place before you have met the customer

One of the key points Matt made during the session was that in many cases sales have already begun even before contact is made. N200|GES’s Visit Partner was already key to ETC’s preparation for an event; with a total of 90 clients registered via their own link the team were looking forward to the onsite process. Visit Partner allowed them to contact these pre-registered visitors to acknowledge their intention to be at the event and invite them personally to meet the correct team member at a time suitable to them on the stand. The result was that over 75% of those they invited to the show visited them at the event.

“Visit Partner has changed the way I am able to assess the potential success of a show before it happens. Not only do I know exactly how many of our invitees have registered for the show, the sales teams are able to start the conversation before the event takes place.” Sophie Pierronnet European P&A Coordinator

Statistics show that up to 80% of all leads from tradeshows are not followed up

The team at Electronic Theatre Controls were already monitoring their leads live where N200|GES were partnering an event using the Visit Connect portal but they were keen to look at how they were following up. Upon hearing the fact that on average 80% of leads are not followed up during Matt's session, the team were even keener to consider the live response approach.  

The Visit Connect app allowed the onsite team to record answers unique to their needs and make personal notes against every visitor they spoke with at the show. The team captured almost 1000 leads at the show and, for the first time pushed them out to their regional centres across the globe for instant personal response to continue the momentum built up at the event and ensure all leads were followed up.

“The Visit Connect App has changed the way our onsite process works and allowed us to try something we hadn’t tried before; instantly contact a lead as they step away from our stand. Having the opportunity to add unlimited notes to each record allows us to really personalise our approach and makes it so simple for our office teams to pick up and act on a lead remotely. Given the choice I would use N200|GES software across all of our events.” said Sophie.

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