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Case Study Visit Partner

What's it all about?

Visit Partner allows organisers to empower their exhibitors to personally invite prospects to their event and then manage those that subsequently do.

Visit Partner allows exhibitors to integrate a personalised URL of the event registration form within emails, newsletters, websites and social media updates to invite prospects to the show. Exhibitors can then access the portal as a lead management system, see who has subsequently registered for the event and begin the sales process before the show doors open. The exhibitors can then use our Visit Connect lead management tool onsite to develop the sales process further.

Research has shown that Visit Partner can increase pre-registration, increase conversion, and decrease ‘no shows’.

Over half of our 1100+ events now deploy the software as part of their exhibitor service and marketing campaign with an average 10-12% increase in pre-registered attendees actually attending the event compared to previous year no-shows.

How to encourage exhibitor participation

The simplest way to encourage exhibitor participation is through gamification. Not only will gamification between exhibitors create engagement within your community, the right prize will ensure participation. While prizes will differ between event communities many of our European events now offer a duplicate stand at the next edition of the event for free to the exhibitor who registers the highest number of visitors. The justification for such a prize is clear with a potential 12% increase in pre-reg conversion.

Once the Visit Partner has been established organisers have the opportunity to take the approach a step further and support their exhibitors in encouraging their sales teams to increase visitor registration.  We recently developed Visit Partner to allow an exhibiting company to generate any number of links for individual sales people to use when inviting clients and prospects.  The exhibitor can then gain an overview of individual sales teams performance and the sales person with the most ‘conversions’ via their own personal link to the event can be recognised. Again the type of recognition is personal to each company; some exhibitors offer a meal out, others an extra days holiday, some an internal recognition such as a trophy. In some cases organisers also take the opportunity to encourage this participation by recognising the individual sales person that has personally invited most visitors to the event. Either way drilling the gamification down to such a level has been proven to further ensure increase in pre-registered visitors that actually attend the show.

How to introduce Visit Partner and gamification

Every event is different and every audience enticed by something different. Whatever competition prize an organiser decides upon will be specific to them, however make it enticing enough and not only could you create a fun rivalry between your exhibitors, thus increasing engagement within your exhibiting community, but you will also increase valuable pre-registrants more likely to turn up to your event.

Integrated Systems Europe

N200 have been working with ISE their 2004 event which saw just over 2000 visitors through the doors. The 2015 event saw a phenomenal 51,000+ visitors attend due as much to the content of the show as the work of their 952 exhibitors. 

The team at ISE encourage exhibitor participation through Visit Partner using a mixture of gamification, email campaign and a dedicated call campaign. Attendance rose 16% on the previous year and, as a result of a pulsing show, the team rebooked 100% stand space on site for the 2016 show.

  • 20,180 registered via the partner portal, of which 76% visited the show.
  • The top 3 exhibitors registered over 2500 visitors between them with a 76% conversion


“We have been developing our use of Visit Partner and find it invaluable in encouraging our exhibitors and their sales teams to actively invite visitors to the show. The figures speak for themselves; registrants invited by exhibitors are more likely to attend an event when invited by exhibitors, exhibitors are more likely to invite clients when gamification is involved and they can actually manage their own prospects as visitors to the show to set up meetings and initiate a sale pre-event.  We have found N200s Partner Portal to be conducive to increasing registration, pre-show engagement and on site attendance.”

André Hooijer, Operations Director, Integrated Systems Events B.V.

Plasa London

Plasa London introduced Visit Partner in 2013. The team encouraged exhibitors to use the partner portal to invite their prospects to the event. The result was

  • over 5600 visitors registered via invite from an exhibitor
  • 70% conversion rate
  • Top 3 exhibitors using the portal achieved a 73% conversion rate


These stats were achieved with just 53% of exhibitors actively using Visit Partner.  For future events the team at Plasa Events looked at ways to further encourage participation of exhibitors in the use of the partner portal.

“We introduced Visit Partner as an option to our exhibitors for our 2013 event and, as a result,  are now looking at ways to encourage further exhibitor participation for the 2014 show. The portal gives exhibitors control of their prospects attendance pre-show allowing them to ensure registration, set up meetings and assist in the success of the event for them. For us, it gives visitors even more of an incentive to attend the events.”

Christopher Toulmin, Director, Events Division

ETC at Plasa London

Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) exhibit across Europe at a number of key events in the lighting and rigging sectors. N200|GES work together with the team for PLASA London, PLASA Focus and ABTT.

Having attended Matt Coyne’s session on “Turning Data into Gold” at FaceTime’s inaugural Masterclass, the team at Electronic Theatre Controls were keen to look at how they could further enhance their experience at their events, in particular for their next event PLASA London.

57% of sales have taken place before you have met the customer

One of the key points Matt made during the session was that in many cases sales have already begun even before contact is made. N200|GES's Visit Partner was already key to ETC’s preparation for an event; with a total of 90 clients registered via their own link the team were looking forward to the onsite process. The portal allowed them to contact these pre-registered visitors to acknowledge their intention to be at the event and invite them personally to meet the correct team member at a time suitable to them on the stand. The result was that over 75% of those they invited to the show visited them at the event.

“Visit Partner has changed the way I am able to assess the potential success of a show before it happens. Not only do I know exactly how many of our invitees have registered for the show, the sales teams are able to start the conversation before the event takes place.”

Sophie Pierronnet European P&A Coordinator