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Case Study Taking Control

What's it all about?

N200|GES offer a full range of tools to allow users to experience our software to suit their needs.

Organisers can rely on N200|GES end-to-end under our fully serviced package, take full control of registration, ticketing, data and campaign management functions, or meet in the middle and take control of as much as they feel comfortable with. Our software is designed to offer scalability; whether for 1 or 100 events the process is the same and events can be individually set up or easily cloned.

Clients that take control in a way that suits them find that they reduce the time spent managing the registration process, retain access to the full suite of N200|GES’s award winning technology and retain control of all aspects of their data in real time, all at a lower cost to the fully serviced option.

How clients take control

N200|GES works closely with organising teams to identify their specific needs and training ‘superusers’ of the system to ensure a smooth transition. We support clients through the transition towards taking control and remain in support in the background once the required level of autonomy is achieved.

We offer training sessions World wide to ensure each ‘superuser’ is confident in all aspects of our software at every stage. We tailor each situation to the needs of the individual team, business or show, and only step into the background when an organising team feels confident.  Thereafter we regularly review use, offer workshops between users to share best practice and continual improvement, and are available at every stage to assist and advise if required.

Easyfairs – take full control of every aspect of every show

Easyfairs objective is to match professional visitors and exhibitors in a focussed business environment; taking their “events to the people ready to do business. “ In order to achieve this, full control of all data across all shows is imperative in order to cross promote events, target marketing according to demographic and match visitors and exhibitors.

The challenge
A client since 2005 Easyfairs were our very first client to take complete control of their registration process. Their aim was full autonomy across their events and full control of their own data and costs.

The approach
As the first client to take control Easyfairs were the N200|GES pilot. We worked closely with the teams to identify exactly what they required to feel comfortable. We engaged superusers within their teams to become the ‘go to’ people and ensured they had the training and support they required in order to make the switch.

The result
N200|GES now have absolutely no touch points on Easyfairs data, they fully service all shows themselves. Our service simply involves continuing to develop our software to evolve our technology. We are proud to state that our software is at the heart of 90+ events across the globe for Easyfairs, allowing them to manage over 175,5000 visitors and over 7500 exhibitors.

"We use the complete range of N200|GES products for all our events. Usability, quick handling and thoroughness is what makes the system attractive to us. The N200|GES software is a vital source of information for all our marketing campaigns, and it really supports us in achieving our targets. It totally fits all our needs and demands; and we are always on top of the latest developments on their systems, tools and apps. The people of N200|GES are regular seen guests in our offices. Due to their clear and concise training, we are always ready to fire away after their visit.” 

Ascential Events – understand data globally, take ‘part’ control 

Ascential Events is an international events company dedicated to enhancing customer value, extending its international footprint and exploring every available growth opportunity. N200|GES started working with Ascential Events in 1997 and have been partnering this growth ever since.

Ascential Events have been the first global organiser to embrace many of the technological advances introduced by N200|GES over the 19 years we have partnered them. First to market with self-service, go green, and Visit Intelligence they are now embracing the ability to take control.

The challenge 
With data central to all business decisions Ascential Events were keen to take control of this aspect of their events yet with a global presence in 26 countries the challenge was set as to how to manage the transition and keep all events consistent.

The approach
A detailed transition plan was put in place, a number of clones for registration templates and ‘superusers’ were tasked with training alongside the N200|GES team.

The result
N200|GES’s software now assists Ascential in looking after over 260,000 customers around the world. Ascential work on a ‘part control’ basis; N200|GES retain responsibility for management of their data in order to keep it central, yet each show can be set up and controlled locally by show teams. Each show has some autonomy in terms of making updates yet each registration remains consistently Ascential.

“Ascential Events has some ambitious growth plans. We needed a registration partner with a vision to match and the capability to deliver products that would support us as our portfolio of events expanded. We chose N200|GES because its products hand to Ascential Events greater control over its registration processes and the data that is so important to our business’s success. N200|GES’s investment in technology also means that Ascential Events has strong visibility of attendee numbers and activity, both onsite and after the event.”
Joe Bolger, Head of Insight, i2i Events

EcoTech – Offer cutting edge software on a ‘one show a year’ basis with a focus on sustainability

Ecotech aims to highlight how embracing innovation in technology and low carbon solutions can save money and deliver genuine benefits to businesses, cities and communities on-going.

The challenge
With sustainability and cost effective solutions at the heart of their requirements the team behind EcoTech wanted to practice what they preach; offer the latest technology in event registration such as eBadging and self-service registration without the matching budget.

The approach
EcoTech chose to work with N200 for the first time in 2013 consisting of 140+ eco-focused exhibitors and an expected 4000 visitors looking to reduce their impact on the environment. EcoTech chose to embrace our ‘take control’ service from the outset in order to keep costs low yet take advantage of our full suite of technology.

The result
Taking control gave the team access to N200|GES’s cutting edge software at an affordable price. Our added options of go green not only further cemented the sustainability of the registration to the show but again kept costs low.

“In terms of why we chose N200|GES it was actually because of the many different applications that you have within your system. It is the DIY nature of your system that makes those added apps affordable allowing smaller companies to take advantage of the marketing tools normally only accessible to the large Exhibition companies.”
Nicola Gunstone, EcoTechnology Show