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Case Study Visit Connect

What's it all about?

Visit Connect offers a lead management platform to exhibitors where they can access prospect data while talking to attendees in real-time.  Sales leads can be verified, rated, prioritised and assigned to colleagues anywhere in the world from the show floor. Visit Connect empowers the exhibitor to plan, target, monitor and measure their success.

In the form of an app that can be downloaded to an android or iOS device which, in turn, becomes the users scanner, exhibiting teams can quickly identify a prospect as they are talking with them, ask pre-set questions, detail pre-set answers and/or free text and set follow up instructions. Managers gain an overview of the ROI on an event as it is happening, orders can be fulfilled in real-time and prospects contacted immediately for follow up.

For an overview of Visit Connect, please watch the short video at www.n200.com/connect

Don't just take our word for it

"Managing data at an event and making it work for you is as important as managing your physical presence at a show. Intuitive data tools will empower sales team with knowledge of a visitor at the click of a button, ensure consistency for follow up, make the experience smooth for sales teams and visitors alike, and offer a measurement of ROI. Make data work for you before, during and after the event to ensure your presence is all it should be."

Jim Curry, ExhibitorSmarts

Lumi Insight

“I love it when an event is using Visit Connect because it’s so easy to setup. I can instantly see the list of visitors from my desktop or onsite which allows me to track the return we are achieving. I also really like the ability to setup customised questions depending on the event and the different industry professionals we’re talking to which makes follow up so much easier.”

Emma Harris, Marketing Coordinator, Lumi Insight

RM Education

"We used the Visit Connect app for Bett and found the app extremely easy to set up. The real-time monitoring tools gave us a good overview of how well the show was going for us, and enabled us to quickly follow up customer requests for more information, or possible sales leads, rather than waiting for the end of the show.  I would definitely recommend Visit Connect as a lead retrieval and management tool”

Laraine, Events Marketing Manager, RM Education


"My experience of Visit Connect positively changed the way I was able to interact with leads. Previously time would have been spent ‘sorting’ this captured information but the immediacy of the information allowed me to start my follow up and export contacts straight into my own database with ease.

The best thing about Visit Connect app was the ability to make personal notes against every person that visited my stand, quickly and efficiently. It is an easy to use tool and gave me total control over the information. It allowed me to concentrate on those all-important conversations with customers without having to worry about capturing the correct contact details at that moment in time. The support from Visit Connect staff to get me up and running was also first-class. This is a must have for all my future events."

Natasha Rego, Chateez

D-Link (Europe) Ltd

“The functionality of Visit Connect allows us to set questions and pre-assigned answers in order to make lead retrieval at our events efficient and consistent. The portal at the backend allows us to link shows and share questions across events as well as take an overview of our return on investment.  For example we took over 1000 leads from Bett in January, accessed the leads on site at the show and were able to reassign follow up immediately.  I would not be without Visit Connect as an exhibitor”

Annie, Sales & Marketing Administrator, D-Link (Europe) Ltd

Get Taxi

"Visit Connect is a must for us at any show; it puts our leads in our hands when we want them, enables us to add the detail we require quickly and efficiently, assess the success of an event as it unfolds and adjust our approach based on actual return. Visit Connect allows for a professional seamless approach to lead generation at events."

Tom Self,  Get Taxi


“We used the Visit Connect App on site as an electronic order form.  We set our questions up prior to going on site and found that use of the app sped up the ordering process.  The app was easy to use and processing after the event was smoother. We will be using the app at our next event.” 

David, Head of Operations and Finance, 2Simple

View AR

“Visit Connect provides an invaluable and secure way to capture leads, lead detail and immediately respond to prospects. Having taken leads manually at a previous event, discovering Visit Connect at 100% Design paid dividends. I collected over 250 contacts with personal detail, invited them that very same night to meet at my panel session the following day and the result was phenomenal. I am now in the process of following up post event. I recommend Visit Connect as an easy, immediate and reliable way of securing prospects.”

Luke Levene, UK Director, VR and AR technology Consultant

Electronic Theatre Controls

"The Visit Connect App has changed the way our onsite process works and allowed us to try something we hadn’t tried before; instantly contact a lead as they step away from our stand. Having the opportunity to add unlimited notes to each record allows us to really personalise our approach and makes it so simple for our office teams to pick up and act on a lead remotely."

Sophie Pierronnet, European P&A Coordinator, Electronic Theatre Controls


"Bett is a 4 day show and, as such, it’s important to be able to review each day and adjust strategy for the next. The intelligence gathered from the Visit Connect apps made lead retrieval extremely easy at the show and allowed us to update our CRM system for follow up during the event. I would recommend Visit Connect."

Ella, Project Manager, International Marketing, Promethean