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Case Study Visit Intelligence

What's it all about?

“Visit Intelligence is to the events industry what Google Analytics is to the World Wide Web”.

Visit Intelligence transforms the interactions and leads recorded by exhibitors using the lead management tool, Visit Connect, into meaningful information for organisers. With the ability to drill down into visitor profile trends, exhibitor market sectors, and time periods, it allows organisers to assess their show and the success of their exhibitors as the show is happening.

  • Evaluate the success of individual exhibitors and enhance their experience
  • Measure interaction between buyers and sellers and drive traffic to those sectors that need it most
  • Determine the popularity of feature areas and boost footfall through improved signage and personalised messaging
  • Benchmark and raise ROI - prove the value proposition to all stakeholders; by zone, by hall, by product group, by buyer group

Organisers can also drill down into the data to reveal a myriad of insights:

  • Like-for-like comparisons - compare and contrast individual exhibitors to other exhibitor groups and rank their success; by hour, by day, by event;  by visitor type.
  • Help their exhibitors design and plan for success – through bespoke tagging, ascertain what stand configuration works best for each exhibitor group - shape, size, and location.
  • Visitor engagement patterns – map the demographic profile of buyer groups to see where they went, what they saw, who they connected with. Through understanding their visitor's journey, organisers can tailor a visitors experience and ensure they stay longer and come back next year.

Ascential Events

Ascential Events is one of the UK’s leading event organisers with a growing portfolio of global brands. Ascential sought a way to prove their value proposition to their clients. In response N200 launched Visit Intelligence, a unique RoI dashboard designed to empower event organisers to monitor the success of their events, in real time.

“We can work with individual exhibitors to ensure a more effective show. Visit Intelligence delivers a totally fresh way of ensuring the success of our events!”

David Langrish, Ascential Events


A client since 2005 Easyfairs pride themselves on organising time- and cost-effective shows for all parties involved. With 90+ events across Europe, data is imperative to the Easyfairs team.  They need to be able to prove the ROI of their events to all participants.In order to achieve this Easyfairs have made use of Visit Connect mandatory across their portfolio of events and utilise the intelligence provided by 8000+ exhibitors so that their data is at their fingertips exactly when they need it.

“N200|GES are perfectly placed to deliver intelligent data from our events, to enable our teams (Operations, Sales, Marketing, Management and our exhibitors) to plan strategically with real information, providing in particular our Exhibitors with immediate usable data. The system is easy to use and the recent expansion plans have seen new ideas and systems brought to the table which we are very happy with.”

Lourda Derry, Operations Director, Easyfairs UK & Ireland

Centaur Live

Centaur Live harness the insight of Visit Intelligence to fully engage with all elements of their events. Each and every team, whether sales, marketing, operations or management, use the data of Visit Intelligence to engage with their stakeholders.

“The insight we gain from Visit Intelligence is invaluable in engaging with our exhibitors; enabling us to discuss their experience with full knowledge as to how successful an event has been for them as it unfolds. No other registration software offers such insight in such detail with such immediacy.”

Jonathan Carter, Commercial Marketing Manager, Centaur Live