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Annual Team Away Day

Annual Team Away Day

by: Matt Coyne 16-Aug-2016

Every year, we get our teams together from across the globe for a bit of team bonding, a bit of fun and an ever so slightly competitive football game! Each year a different team pulls together the days and this year it was the chance of our development team to take the reins.

First stop, an outside activity in the pouring rain near to Utrecht, Holland.

Normally continuous rain and forest team building type activities tend not to mix, but after a few cancelled flights and some slightly delayed journey’s the team at Bedrijfsuitjes Groep were excellent in getting the team geared up for some fun (and hot drinks!). Not that it’s all fun & games mind (ok, it is slightly), but getting the team to work together in the somewhat damp conditions, was a really great way to break down barriers and help those new to the team to really get involved and working together to complete the challenges.

N200 Team

Dried off, change of clothes done, we headed to our evening activity.

Some people had their reservations about eating food we cooked ourselves but we were astounded both by how good everything looked and how great it tasted (if only the pictures did the food justice!). The evening was very well organized by the Grachten Atelier team who expertly led our somewhat challenging range of cookery skills to creating some “showstoppers”.

After our deliciously hand-made food, some of the team carried on into the evening (early hours?!) whilst the rest hit the hay in preparation for the next day.

Leonie & Lisa

Two options were on offer… the first, the annual UK vs NL football game and the second an Instagram tour of Utrecht.

Football first. The NL team led the series 1-0, so in their home turf, it was the chance of the “brits” to prove themselves. It was a high level game, not just in caliber of players, but also location! We were playing on top of the IKEA Utrecht building, kindly offered to us by local club Faja Lobi (KDS) – thanks guys! The game has evolved from a friendly 5 a side to some strategic battle plans being organized by the NL team. The UK? Well, best plans were made at 4am the night before… After a few quick goals, NL were ahead 5-2 when a transfer was brokered between NL & UK players to have Djashuard join the UK (no details of transfer fees at time of press). This proved to be a good omen for the UK as they took the lead with Djashuard taking the final goal of the game!

For the Instagram tour, we wanted to do something different, as is the theme with a lot of our work. Without really knowing what to expect, Anna-Maria’s enthusiasm infected us all. As soon as we were outside we were lying on the floor and climbing walls to get good shots (check out the hashtag on Instagram #n200utrecht to see some of the pics). Anna-Maria took us on a labyrinth tour of Utrecht, places where we would never have come and which really made us think about the images we could capture. Many of us may just have found a new hobby thanks to the #n200utrecht Instagram tour. That and opened our minds to looking up / down / sideways / backwards when exploring new places.

N200|GES Team Football

So all in, a great few days! It’s really important for us at N200|GES to get the team together regularly. It helps to build great bonds between them but also, as we are in multiple offices around the world, it offers a great chance to put faces to names (aside from video conference calls) and really get to know each other well.

We wouldn’t be here today without the support of our fantastic team, from anywhere in the globe! Thank you Team N200|GES!


For the full pictures, head over to our Facebook page


A special thanks to the teams that put on the events for us. They were amazing throughout and we'd highly recommend! Links below:

Bedrijfsuitjes Groep – outdoor activities



Gracthen Atelier – cooking our own food






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