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Celebrating 50 years of success

Celebrating 50 years of success

by: Gerard Conway 08-Jul-2016

I’ve been working with Mack Brooks from pretty much my first day at N200|GES. Together we’ve worked on exciting events all over Europe, including; Inter Airport Europe, Railtex, Fastener Fair, and InPrint.


Their team, based mainly in St. Albans, are some of the friendliest, dedicated and hardworking professionals I’ve ever worked with and last night we were able to celebrate that success with the team.


Over 300 friends, family, colleagues and respected industry figures came together to celebrate Mack Brooks Exhibitions 50th Anniversary, and what a fantastic night it was!


Simon, Mack Brooks FD, made me laugh when he told me “I’ve seen the budget, it’s cost a fortune – so make sure you enjoy yourself!” Enjoy ourselves we did.


It was a night of fireworks, fantastic food, entertaining speeches, and very talented musicians (including a rare appearance from the Mack Brooks house band). And apart from the unfortunate timing of the Germany/France result, the evening was flawless!


What I found most impressive was how Stephen Brooks brought together everyone from their offices around the world. Seeing this in person really highlights what a truly fantastic team Mack Brooks have built over the past 50 years and we hope to continue celebrating with them for 50 years to come.

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