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The N200|GES on call availability is aligned with our global business model.

Servicing clients across the globe in over 42 countries requires alignment with many time differences and countless cultures. Events in the Middle East are not interested in whether or not the Dutch office is closed for a national day or the UK is on a bank holiday. Organisers in the US and Asia won’t take into account time differences between their event open and our office opening. What is more, nor should they. Putting a policy in place to confirm that we are available to our clients whenever they need us goes hand in hand with our global business presence to ensure we offer the best possible service to our customers.

We have always been available to clients, regardless of region, time difference or according to national holidays, but this has always been more of an understanding than a set policy. Now, cementing our commitment with this on call policy was simply the next step to ensure clients are confident that an N200|GES representative will always be available to them, no matter the timescale.

What this will mean for you, our clients.

Regular Requests

Everyday requests will continue to be prioritised and actioned in the same way using our Zendesk Ticketing system.

We filter incoming Zendesk tickets to ensure the most experienced engineer within the required field responds and works on the request within appropriate timescales. 

We are very proud that our response rate reaches almost 100% satisfaction. You can hear a little more about customer satisfaction in our new video below.

Event Critical ‘Out of Hours’ Requests

Our new 24/7 on call support is in addition to our Zendesk support and offers emergency assistance outside of normal working hours. 24/7 support is focussed on clients with events in differing time zones who have taken control of their own events and therefore do not have an N200|GES engineer on site.

Event Critical requests will be actioned as the call comes through. 24/7 support is a structured two-tier system which allows for immediate escalation to development if required. Like our engineers, our development team are on standby 24/7 to respond to such requests.

Our normal working hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. For event critical requests outside of this time clients can call +44 1923 690 605 for UK emergency technical support or +31 235 210175 for our Dutch team.

Customer satisfaction, by N200|GES


How are our requests monitored?

Whichever support is requested, the journey of each request is closely monitored by our Client Service Directors to ensure a suitable and timely solution is found. Our Chief Operating Officer oversees all communication to ensure our client satisfaction remains high.


To find out more about our customer service take a look at our latest video or speak with your Client Manager.