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Welcome to Visit Connect


More than just lead capture

We appreciate that, today, your exhibitors demand a return on their marketing investment. They need reassurance that they will meet the right calibre of buyer, that they will be able to capture accurate data and that they can verify their prospects for successful follow up.

What can your exhibitors expect from Visit Connect

Every step of the way, exhibitors can:

  • Set sales targets and then review progress live from the show floor
  • View and enhance prospect data, even as they meet
  • Verify leads and rate them according to pre-set status, priority, value, interests
  • Leads can be assigned on to colleagues there and then for rapid follow-up
  • View the sales pipeline and monitor forecasts
  • Manage the follow up process and track progress at the click of a button

And there's more?

Visit Connect’s capabilities don’t end there. There’s also a choice of data capture methods:

Exhibitors can scan their prospect badges with barcode scanners.  Once downloaded, they can access their data, anytime, via our Visit Connect web portal.

Or exhibitors can choose to access visitor information in real time using our Visit Connect scan app. Exhibitors simply scan the visitor badge for immediate access to;

  • visitor contact details
  • answer pre-set questions 
  • make free notes against the lead
  • add photos and voice memos
  • follow up immediately


Visit Connect empowers the exhibitor to capture, verify, assign and track prospect data from the show floor to anywhere in the world.


Visit & Visit Connect

Visit is Europe’s leading event registration, ticketing and data intelligence platform.

Visit Connect dovetails with the optimised data captured by Visit, providing exhibitors with exceptional prospect insight and sales lead management tools. Productive exhibitors are loyal exhibitors. With N200|GES  your event success is assured.

And it gets better. Because if your exhibitors use Visit Connect you can then utilise the revolutionary Visit Intelligence dashboard to get an overview of ALL your exhibitors’ interactions and successes – in real-time and across the show floor - giving you unparalleled insight into your event.