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Visit Connect For Exhibitors

Visit Connect gives you total control over your sales lead management process. 

Exhibitors can verify, rate, prioritise, monitor and respond to leads immediately. Not only that, you can assess the event as it unfolds against your own pre-set targets in order to continually assess your return on investment. In short, Visit Connect puts the success of your participation in the palm of your hand.

Your data in your hands 

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Using our app (iOS and android) users can scan a prospect badge, retrieve contact data, add their own notes, answer pre-set questions, set follow up instructions, add voice memos and photos, and even immediately contact the prospect either direct from their device or by exporting their leads. Never before has so much detail been available as exhibitors talk to prospects on the show floor.

More than just lead capture 

The Visit Connect Portal offers a complete overview of all the devices activated for your event. Whether you, or your colleagues, want an overview of how your sales team are performing against your targets, to be able to access and respond to leads remotely or to immediately fulfil orders, the Visit Connect Portal will give you all the detail that is being captured at the event as it is being detailed so you can decide how, and when, you follow up on your prospect data.

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It doesn’t end at the event 

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Visit Connect gives you total management of the pre event, at event and post show process; you can assign licences, detail your questions and answers, set targets pre event and use the system to follow up post event to ensure no leads are lost in the process. Visit Connect offers you total control over every aspect of your event participation.

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